yellowhorse in a sentence

"yellowhorse" in Chinese  
  1. Yellowhorse assumed Chee would figure out his scheme as Irma Onesalt had.
  2. She tells him Dr . Yellowhorse told her Chee was a witch, a sorcerer.
  3. Yellowhorse first arranged for men to be killed whose names were on Irma Onesalt s list.
  4. Chee visits the Badwater Clinic, learning of the argument between Onesalt and Yellowhorse from Mrs . Billie at the desk.
  5. Yellowhorse returns to the clinic and goes straight for Chee, both threatening Chee's life and confessing what he did.
  6. It's difficult to find yellowhorse in a sentence.
  7. The woman, the grieving mother arrives next with her shotgun, and kills Yellowhorse, the skinwalker, just as Leaphorn arrives.
  8. Buck Knives has collaborated with different custom knifemakers such as Tom Mayo, Mick Strider, David Yellowhorse, and the late Rob Simonich.
  9. Yellowhorse was cheating by claiming reimbursements months after patients died at the clinic or went home healthy, so she had to be killed.
  10. They guess he will not think to trace down which patients Yellowhorse persuaded to kill the four victims, as the mother attacked Chee, but that is okay, it is over.
  11. Then the reason for the homicides falls into place, and he must get from Gallup to Badwater Clinic, because Dr . Yellowhorse, the man who wants to improve health of the Navajo people, will kill Chee.

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