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  1. Carliss is not a Scotland Yard inspector at all but Gina's jealous ex-husband.
  2. Scotland Yard inspector Braddock and detective Cameron are assigned to investigate.
  3. And on the printed page, Jessica has a love interest, a Scotland Yard inspector.
  4. Seeing how the plan backfired, The Blackbird turns Bertie in to a Scotland Yard inspector.
  5. Scotland Yard inspector Lawrence arrives to the telekinetic powers to get hovercraft on the shore.
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  7. Formerly a Scotland Yard inspector, he also proved to be a valuable asset in non-combat situation.
  8. Neale awakens in the hospital, the prisoner of Scotland Yard Inspector Prentice ( Percy Waram ).
  9. The novel is a whodunit centred on the Scotland Yard inspector, who is Tey's regular character Alan Grant.
  10. When a bomb explodes in a London suburb, Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Carmichael is assigned to the case.
  11. When a real Scotland Yard inspector shows up soon after, Gordon loses his temper and raises suspicions of murder.
  12. A Scotland Yard inspector ( Stanley Ridges ) suspects that Marshall murdered his wife but is unable to prove it.
  13. Holmes and Watson are invited by Scotland Yard Inspector Gregson to accompany him to an ancient country mansion in Derbyshire.
  14. It is a locked room mystery and features his series detective, Sir Henry Merrivale, assisted by Scotland Yard Inspector Humphrey Masters.
  15. Kriminal has a female companion, Lola Hudson, who was once the wife of Scotland Yard Inspector Patrick Milton, his main enemy.
  16. It was to become the first in a series of 3 works featuring the character of Terry Sneed, an unscrupulous Scotland Yard inspector.
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