yalta agreement in a sentence

  1. That will be the final cancellation of the Yalta agreements.
  2. Decades of communist rule established by the Yalta agreement followed the fighting.
  3. However, due to the Yalta Agreement it never did.
  4. Decades of communist rule set down by the Yalta agreement followed the fighting.
  5. Truman charged that Stalin had betrayed the Yalta agreement.
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  7. There was also a Yalta agreement.
  8. As a show of communist rule and Soviet domination, sixteen prominent leaders of the Yalta agreements.
  9. Although the Yalta agreement called for Polish resistance movements loyal to the Polish government in exile ).
  10. Anti-Russian sentiment from that period was reinforced when the Yalta agreement handed Poland to the Soviets.
  11. There was a huge uproar, since the Yalta agreement handed parts of Poland over to the Soviet Union.
  12. The Yalta agreement stipulated a governmental union in Poland of " all democratic and anti-Nazi elements ".
  13. After five years of Nazi occupation, they were effectively handed back to the Soviets in the Yalta agreement of 1995.
  14. Because of the provisions of the Yalta Agreement, all Soviet citizens in Germany at war s end had to be repatriated.
  15. Nevertheless, Byrnes advised that the Soviets were breaking the Yalta Agreement and that Truman needed to be resolute and uncompromising with them.
  16. He was one of the MPs, who, in 1945, opposed the Yalta agreement, because of the treatment of Poland.
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