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  1. This little sweetheart is as soft riding as your land yacht.
  2. Sailboat racing is very popular and competitive among local yacht clubs.
  3. There are about 35 domestic yacht builders scattered throughout the country.
  4. He was a lifetime member of the New York Yacht Club.
  5. Team analysts tested 16 scaled-down versions of the yacht.
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  7. It is the tennis player's life raft and yacht.
  8. Also interested are yacht-racing groups from Canada and Sweden.
  9. It's all designed by a specialist in yacht interiors.
  10. On Friday midday, 146 yachts began the race off Newport.
  11. The San Francisco Yacht Club has agreed to sponsor the endeavor.
  12. That total, however, included everything from yachts to kayaks.
  13. He was on the yacht with newlyweds Aristotle and Jacqueline Onassis.
  14. No yachts, mansions or other great riches came her way.
  15. At one time he was skipper of the presidential yacht Williamsburg.
  16. But mostly the yachts are revered for their beauty under sail.
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