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  1. In 1933, the Civil Works Administration started building the Municipal Yacht Basin.
  2. At a yacht basin near the Melbourne Airport, boats were sunk or damaged.
  3. Swampland was filled, sea walls were constructed and the yacht basin was created.
  4. This led the disbandment of Tebo Yacht Basin F . C.
  5. Anchorage Yacht Basin is a second generation family owned marina.
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  7. The plan bans commercial yacht basins and floating docks, for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.
  8. The car went over an embankment into 15 feet of icy water in a yacht basin.
  9. At great expense, he reduced the size of the yacht basin to save a single oak tree.
  10. Around 1959, she relocated to San Diego, California, where she lived on a sloop in the yacht basin.
  11. With ownership came a new master plan, which required major changes to the Clubhouse and to the yacht basin.
  12. When he arrived, he signed with Tebo Yacht Basin F . C . of the New York State League.
  13. In May 1952, what was left of the rotting hulk was dismantled and dredged out of the Yacht Basin.
  14. In Honfleur, the best bet is to rise early and walk around the old rectangular port, now a yacht basin.
  15. It was also the site of The Louisville Municipal Yacht Basin ( later Municipal Boat Harbor ) built in 1936.
  16. There was a main building, eight separate villas, tennis courts, a parking garage across the street, and a yacht basin.
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