yacht and sail in a sentence

  1. Similarly, by 1970 many yachts and sail boats used Topo as a stopover on trans-Atlantic and inter-island voyages.
  2. Tempest follows them in his yacht and sails over what he thinks is the priest's boat, leaving everyone aboard to drown.
  3. In its independent deal with Fox, signed last month, Young America agreed to allow Fox to attach corporate logos to Young America's yacht and sails as it races against other competitors.
  4. Like many other yacht designers of his generation he was significantly influenced in his approach to both yacht and sail design by " Sailing Theory & Practice " by the Polish Author Czesaw A . Marchaj, first published in 1964.
  5. By Jan . 26, 2003, Damianos is hoping to raise $ 3 million to buy a yacht and sail from Sydney, Australia, where he was raised, through ports in 65 countries in time to reach Athens, Greece, his birth country, for the 2004 Summer Olympics.
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  7. Weather forecasting for sailing involves several activities such as weather training and coaching, dissemination of data for use in navigation and route planning software, race modeling which involves historical weather and sea state analysis for yacht and sail design, trip and adventure planning for distance races and record attempts, monitoring for departure and trip weather windows.
  8. After her father abducts her aboard his private yacht and sails away, she escapes in a small boat and after a storm ends up on a desert island along with the yacht's young captain who followed after her . " Half a Bride " was released on June 16, 1928 by Paramount Pictures in the United States.

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