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  1. Yachmenev tapped in the rebound at 10 minutes, 55 seconds.
  2. That's as far ahead as Yachmenev dares to look.
  3. Robinson expects Yachmenev to be in a Kings uniform sometime soon.
  4. Of course, Yachmenev doesn't bring the same attributes.
  5. Russia, Koroliouk 7 ( Yachmenev, Morozov ) 3 : 49
  6. It's difficult to find yachmenev in a sentence.
  7. Bob Boughner, Vitali Yachmenev and Greg Johnson scored for Nashville.
  8. Yachmenev has scored at least one goal in four consecutive games.
  9. NASHVILLE PREDATORS _ Signed C Cliff Ronning and RW Vitali Yachmenev.
  10. Tom Fitzgerald, David Legwand and Vitali Yachmenev scored for Nashville.
  11. Of course it helps Yachmenev to have Gretzky giving him the puck.
  12. Gretzky, Khristich and Yachmenev have combined for 31 points.
  13. His resulting slap shot led to Yachmenev's goal.
  14. Yachmenev and LaFayette have been missing in action this season.
  15. Also : Right wing Vitali Yachmenev and goaltender Jamie Storr remain unsigned.
  16. No matter how you cut it, Yachmenev comes out the loser.
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