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  1. "Trebouxia " algae commonly occur as symbionts in lichens, such as " Xanthoria parietina ".
  2. "Xanthoria elegans " has an extremely broad circumpolar and alpine distribution, and is found on all continents except Australia.
  3. In " Xanthoria parietina ", the thickness of the thalli is known to vary depending on the habitat in which it grows.
  4. The "'elegant sunburst lichen "'( " Xanthoria elegans " ) is a lichen recognizable by its bright orange or red pigmentation.
  5. "Xanthoria elegans " was one of the first species used for lichenometry, a technique of estimating the age of rock faces by measuring the diameter of the lichen thalli growing on them.
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  7. In " X . elegans ", like many " Xanthoria " species, specimens growing in areas with intense UV radiation contain more carotenoids than those grown in more shaded areas.
  8. "Xanthoria elegans " was described by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link as " Lichen elegans " in 1791, and transferred to the genus " Xanthoria " by Theodor Magnus Fries ( son of Elias Magnus Fries ) in 1860.
  9. "Xanthoria elegans " was described by Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link as " Lichen elegans " in 1791, and transferred to the genus " Xanthoria " by Theodor Magnus Fries ( son of Elias Magnus Fries ) in 1860.
  10. In an experiment led by Leopoldo Sancho from the Complutense University of Madrid, two species of lichen " Rhizocarpon geographicum " and " Xanthoria elegans "  were sealed in a capsule and launched on a Russian Soyuz rocket 31 May 2005.
  11. "' Parietin "'is the predominant cortical pigment of lichens in the genus " Caloplaca ", a secondary product of the lichen " Xanthoria parietina ", and a pigment found in the roots of Curled Dock ( " Rumex crispus " ).
  12. In addition, the plants " Rhizocarpon geographicum " and " Xanthoria elegans " have been found to survive in an environment where the atmospheric pressure is far too low for surface liquid water and where the radiant energy is also much lower than that which most plants require to photosynthesize.
  13. An experiment on the ISS as part of Expose-E in 2008-2009 showed that one lichen, Xanthoria elegans, retained a viability of 71 % for the algae ( photobiont ) and 84 % for the fungus ( mycobiont ) after 18 months in the ISS, in Mars surface simulation conditions, and the surviving cells returned to 99 % photosynthetic capabilities on return to Earth.
  14. Many of the traditional dyes of the Scottish Highlands were made from lichens including red dyes from the cudbear lichen, " Lecanora tartarea ", the common orange lichen, " Xanthoria parietina ", and several species of leafy " crottle or crotal ), made from " Parmelia saxatilis " scraped off rocks, and red lichen dyes ( called corkir ) were used extensively to produce tartans.
  15. For example, some organisms able to withstand exposure to the vacuum and radiation of outer space include the lichen fungi " Rhizocarpon geographicum " and " Xanthoria elegans ", the bacterium " Bacillus safensis ", " Deinococcus radiodurans ", " Bacillus subtilis ", yeast " Saccharomyces cerevisiae ", seeds from " Arabidopsis thaliana " ('mouse-ear cress'), as well as the invertebrate animal Tardigrade.
  16. In 1994, Follmann reportedly encountered a " lichen oasis " at 800 900 meters altitude further north than where the " Darwin Oasis " was thought to have occurred in northern Chile . " Vermilacinia ceruchis " was not among the " macrolichens " lichens he reportedly found, which were : " " Heterodermia leucomelos, Niebla tigrina, Ramalina celastri, R . cochlearis, R . peruviana, R . pilulifera, Roccellina suffruticosa ", and " Xanthoria mendozae ", all deviating ecologically and ( or ) morphologically from the typical forms . " These were in " mats " in sheltered soil depressions among cactus skeletons and diorite rocks that had " mass development of saxicolous ecotype of " Chrysothrix pavonii " ".

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