xanthoria parietina in a sentence

  1. "Trebouxia " algae commonly occur as symbionts in lichens, such as " Xanthoria parietina ".
  2. In " Xanthoria parietina ", the thickness of the thalli is known to vary depending on the habitat in which it grows.
  3. "' Parietin "'is the predominant cortical pigment of lichens in the genus " Caloplaca ", a secondary product of the lichen " Xanthoria parietina ", and a pigment found in the roots of Curled Dock ( " Rumex crispus " ).
  4. Many of the traditional dyes of the Scottish Highlands were made from lichens including red dyes from the cudbear lichen, " Lecanora tartarea ", the common orange lichen, " Xanthoria parietina ", and several species of leafy " crottle or crotal ), made from " Parmelia saxatilis " scraped off rocks, and red lichen dyes ( called corkir ) were used extensively to produce tartans.
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