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  1. The status and prospects of x - ray photographs marking tech nology
  2. X - p x - ray photograph x
  3. Extent and location of x - ray photographs inspection to be in accordance with the classification rules
  4. If a small child swallows a coin or some other hard thing , as sometimes happens , the doctor will take an x - ray photograph
  5. As a creative x - ray imaging mechanism , the x - ray photograph and digitalizing technology has been widely used in medical treatment because of its non - physical film storage
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  7. Based on current departure system and existing flaw in structure and security problem , the popular 3 - tiered structure and the advanced recognizing technology for face , id card and x - ray photograph is used to develop new system : departure and passengers - recognizing system ( dprs ) . this paper is divided into four parts as following : the first part : foreword
  8. The research content is detect of log internal defect ( such as knobs , internal decay , hollow , etc . ) and shape by using x - ray to penetrate the log . the absorb of x - ray between log internal defect and log internal xylem is different . so the x - ray photograph is different . if we can get the several side x - ray photograph of log . and input the photograph into computer to digital image process

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