x-ray analysis in a sentence

  1. The result of x - ray analysis indicated that the plate was made of metal silver
  2. X - ray analysis , x
  3. X - ray analysis
  4. Of 33k grows at 200 , annealed at 670 , 720 for 5min , x - ray analysis shows that it has
  5. X - ray analysis
  6. It's difficult to find x-ray analysis in a sentence.
  7. Energy dispersive x - ray analysis in studying the permeability of blood - brain barrier caused by lead in rats
  8. Abstract : a wear - resistant electrode used in high stress state is studied . by adjusting electrode ' s component , we find a alloy system which is suitable to shredders with hammer . microstructure and x - ray analyses indicate that the hardfacing microstructure consist of martensite , retained austenite and carbonide
  9. Worn surfaces of sliding pairs were characterized by scanning electron microscopy ( sem ) . chemical compositons on the worn surfaces were analyzed by energy dispersion x - ray analysis ( edax ) , and profiles and suface roughness of the worn surfaces were measured by stylus profilmetry
  10. By x - ray analysis of the obtained samples the degree of the reaction was researched when the time of ball milling changed . at last the regularity of the metallurgical structure of tial alloy was investigated , when the high temperature changed . the following aspects were accomplished after hot hydrostatic extrusion
  11. The observation by hrtem indicated that the size of particles coated with ultrasonic radiation at room temperature in alkaline formaldehyde bath was about 50 ~ 60nm . the originally granular form of the nano - al2o3 particles has changed into spheral - like shape . the x - ray analysis showed that the plate was the alloy of co - p
  12. Sicp / al matrix composites , with 5 , 15 and 25 % volume fraction of sic particles , were prepared by vacuum hot - pressing sintering processing in this paper . based on mechanics properties , sem observation and energy dispersive x - ray analysis , the interface reaction phenomenon of sicp / al composites made by vacuum hot - pressing sintering , as well as the reinforcement and fracture mechanisms of this composite were analyzed . the dynamic responses of sipc / al composites were studied by a split hopkinson high - speed pressure bar impact system which strain rate was from quasistatic state strain rate ( 3 . 3 10 - 3s - 1 ) to dynamic state strain rate ( 5 . 2 103 s - 1 )
  13. During the experiment of protein crystal growth in space carried by chinese re - entry capsule fsw - 2 , the crystals of barheaded goose hemoglobin suitable for x - ray analysis were obtained both in space and earth as contrast group . the diffraction data of both crystals were collected , and the structures were solved using molecule replacement methods . the comparison of structures in space and earth indicate that , the interactions among molecules in crystal and subunits of molecule in space is weakened relative to the crystal on earth , there is a contact in the
  14. By analyzing the microstructure of as - cast alloys with different surplus of samarium added , the optimum surplus of samarium is decided . by comparing the microstructure of the alloys annealed for different time , the ideal and economical annealing time is confirmed . the microstructure and phase composition of alloys during the whole preparation of sm2fe17nx are analyzed using the scanning electron micrograph with energy - dispersive x - ray analysis and x - ray diffraction patterns
  15. Linker molecules , the polymerization of 3 - [ 2 , 5 , 8 , 11 - tetraoxa - tridecyl - 13 - ol ] - pyrrole were designed and synthesized according to the requirement of the electropolymerization . the electropolymerization of 3 - pyrrole derivative with alkaline medium at platinum disk electrode have been studied by cyclic voltammetry and chronoamprometry . the polypyrrole membrane was characterized with scanning electro microscopy ( sem ) , energy dispersive x - ray analysis ( edx )
  16. Current researches , applications , preparation and structure of si3n4 are summarized in this paper . a new conclusion is drawn that silicon wafer can react with nitrogen at the temperature higher than 1100 and in super - pure nitrogen by direct - nitridation of silicon at the temperature from 800 to 1200 . the prepared silicon nitride samples are tested by xps ( x - ray photoelectron spectroscopy ) , sem ( scanning electron microscopy ) , optical microscopy , xrd ( x - ray diffraction ) and edx ( energy dispersive x - ray analysis )
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