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  1. He is interred in Old Wye Cemetery in Wye Mills, Maryland.
  2. In addition to its Baltimore and Strathmore residencies, the orchestra regularly performs in Wye Mills.
  3. These highways are sections of old alignment of Skipton, and Wye Mills as they parallel US 50.
  4. In 1949, US 50 was extended east of Annapolis and replaced MD 404 west of Wye Mills.
  5. The energy generated by the wind turbine does not affect the Wye Mills campus electric bill directly.
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  7. US 213 was moved to a bypass of Easton and straight alignment between Easton and Wye Mills in 1948.
  8. The western terminus was cut back to Wye Mills in 1949, having been replaced with US 50 west of there.
  9. The Israelis set a 10 p . m . deadline for their departure from Wye Mills, and a midnight takeoff from the airport.
  10. The three main sections of MD 662 were designated in 1948 following the construction of US 50's bypasses of Easton and Wye Mills.
  11. The Wye Oak in Wye Mills, Maryland was estimated to be over 450 years old when it finally fell in a thunderstorm in 2002.
  12. The Wye Mill was one of the first grist mills to be automated with the Oliver Evans process, which is still in use today.
  13. One of the greatest American oaks, the Wye Oak, at Wye Mills State Park on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is thought to be 400 years old.
  14. WYE MILLS, Md . _ U . S . officials have used dogs to sniff out drugs, hunt down bombs and hold would-be attackers at bay.
  15. During the conference, at Wye Mills, Md ., Clinton had been " impressed by the force of Netanyahu's arguments " on the Pollard matter, Leavy said.
  16. The "'Wye Mill "'is the oldest continuously operated grist mill in the United States, located at Eastern Shore in continuous use; dating to the late 17th century.
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