wye memorandum in a sentence

  1. In the Wye memorandum Israel agreed to release 750 Palestinian prisoners.
  2. Wednesday, both sides charged that the other had violated the Wye Memorandum.
  3. The language of the Wye Memorandum is plain.
  4. The Wye memorandum was signed but abandoned by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  5. Israel said Jordan " shirks its responsibility under the Wye memorandum ."
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  7. It was Barak who insisted, with occasional ultimatums, on renegotiating the Wye Memorandum peace agreement.
  8. Palestinian negotiators have not forgotten a sobering moment that followed the completion of the Wye memorandum last fall.
  9. Even if the " Wye Memorandum " suffers in coming weeks, he had finally declared himself.
  10. It was just Wednesday that the Israeli cabinet, delayed by about two weeks, ratified the Wye Memorandum.
  11. The release of the prisoners " would be a real indication Israel is implementing the Wye Memorandum,"
  12. The Palestinian Cabinet called on Israel to abide by the Wye Memorandum and cease Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank.
  13. "What they did tonight was a flagrant violation of the Wye Memorandum, " said Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.
  14. Now, she is about to be a reluctant pioneer in the precarious Middle East peace process and its untested Wye Memorandum.
  15. The prisoner issue is also difficult because the types of prisoners to be released was not specified in the original Wye memorandum.
  16. We are very committed to the Wye Memorandum and Israel should implement this side of the accord, " he said.
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