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  1. SR 231 crosses the wye junction with US 522 ( Sperryville Pike ) southeast of Sperryville.
  2. Like the western end, a wye junction and spur just west of Elmira allowed the trains to turn around.
  3. Across the street from a wye junction with the previously mentioned railroad line, SR 67 turns north onto Railroad Avenue.
  4. In 1994, K-383 was relocated at its present eastern terminus to remove what had been a wye junction with US-183.
  5. To the west of the station, a wye junction will enable access to an operations and maintenance facility to be built to the northwest of the station.
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  7. The line continues eastward out of Summerside to the Emerald Junction, where a wye junction splits off a spur leading southwest to Borden-Carleton, serving the former ferry docks.
  8. The route will branch off from the main route between DeKalb Street, and will follow a PECO transmission line right-of-way from the wye junction to the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
  9. Here a wye junction carried lines into town, while the other branch continued westward to the end of the line at Depot Harbour, crossing to Parry Island on a large swing bridge.
  10. The GB & S then runs roughly south-southwest to Betheney where it meets the PHL & B again, and ends at a wye junction with the O & Q at Dranoel.
  11. Secondary state highway No . 3R; beginning at the Richland wye junction with primary state highway No . 3; thence northerly and westerly via Richland to a junction with primary state highway No . 3 at Kiona.
  12. Instead of reaching the city directly from the north, the Connecting Railway turned west, crossed the Schuylkill River on the wye junction controlled by three manual signal boxes; there was also an engine house in the center of the wye.
  13. The line was doubled in 1901 and a new south-west curve was built at Wetherby; running from " West junction " to " North junction ", forming a wye junction north and west of both the Wetherby stations.
  14. Secondary state highway No . 8D; beginning at a wye junction with primary state highway No . 8, the west branch in the vicinity east of Underwood and the east branch in the vicinity of White Salmon, thence in a northerly direction to the boundary of the Columbia National Forest.
  15. The remainder of the North Central Freeway, now part of I-70S and six lanes wide, would have continued along the B & O railroad corridor, passing beneath Takoma Park, Washington, D . C . in a 1 / 2-mile tunnel, and terminated at a large wye junction with Bethesda.
  16. (d ) Secondary State Highway No . 10D; beginning at a wye junction with Primary State Highway No . 10 in the vicinity east of Chelan, thence in a southerly direction by the most feasible route crossing the Columbia river at Chelan Falls to a junction with Primary State Highway No . 2 in the vicinity of Orondo.
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