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  1. The written matter on such a drawing comprised the literary matter, and the graphics the artistic matter.
  2. *Keep : However the written matter is very much from a personal view point, but there are few decent ideas.
  3. But after Friday, written matter-of-factly, in no way betraying the enormousness of it all, was one word : Olympics.
  4. The exception to this law refers to anyone who hawks, peddles, or sells newspapers, books, periodicals, pamphlets or other similar written matter.
  5. And to this day I have never gone before him, sent a representative before him, or placed any written matter before him pleading my case.
  6. It's difficult to find written matter in a sentence.
  7. In her ruling, the judge said art should be regarded as a form of free speech and accorded the same constitutional protection as spoken and written matter.
  8. As smaller states ratified the constitution in late 1787 and early 1788, there was an immense quantity of pamphlets and other written matter for and against approval.
  9. The scraps of written matter are either much later than the period in question, written in areas far away, or local and coeval but extremely brief.
  10. What is left today is mainly handed down from the generations by oral traditions as well as some written matter, occasionally turned up in the course of research.
  11. It extends the usefulness of scanning devices for the purpose of document processing, from printed character recognition ( a function of OCR ) to hand-written matter recognition.
  12. Further, the defense contends that numerous people, not just Kaczynski, can be tied to the evidence, which includes a bomb, bomb-making materials, written matter related to bombings and DNA tests.
  13. i m currently working on effect of " sound on temperature changes " . i m not getting sufficient written matters to complete my project report . kindly prescribe some e-books / wikipedia articles related to this topic.
  14. Jett's suit also alleges that the defendants, acting together, either engineered or approved of the publication of " false, scandalous, malicious and libelous press releases, news articles and other written matter ."
  15. :( a ) makes, prints, publishes, distributes, circulates, or has in his possession for the purpose of publication, distribution or circulation any obscene written matter, picture, model, phonograph record or other thing whatever; or

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