written materials in a sentence

"written materials" in Chinese  
  1. The city cannot give preference to written material over visual arts.
  2. The log and written material were being studied, he said.
  3. The language was documented in written materials for over 200 years.
  4. The case has some 220 witnesses and volumes of written material.
  5. Amendment number two added, " and any written materials ".
  6. It's difficult to find written materials in a sentence.
  7. Such education can be written material or in video form.
  8. Written materials also may help you understand what's going on.
  9. It will include quotations from the series and some newly written material.
  10. -- Request written material about any offer, investment and charity.
  11. These systems often include a movable table to move the written material.
  12. The album contains both Christmas standards and newly written material.
  13. This makes the use of written materials for Hmong patients fairly useless.
  14. However, very little written material about this city reached our day.
  15. Interspersed in the prose is poorly written material that is largely unsourced.
  16. The panels are written materials describing each person whose life is being memorialized.
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