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  1. These systems often include a movable table to move the written material.
  2. This ensures that no pre-written material can be used in the debate.
  3. Interspersed in the prose is poorly written material that is largely unsourced.
  4. This makes the use of written materials for Hmong patients fairly useless.
  5. With Blackburn's acquiescence, Lammers put together some written materials and contacted publishers.
  6. It's difficult to find written material in a sentence.
  7. It will include quotations from the series and some newly written material.
  8. -- that Rosenberg personally passed the Soviets some written material from Greenglass.
  9. The language was documented in written materials for over 200 years.
  10. In addition, it was very difficult to find written materials regarding Malaysian highways.
  11. She was also, by this time, contributing written material to labour movement publications.
  12. The panels are written materials describing each person whose life is being memorialized.
  13. We played and recorded to 1 / 4 tape with no pre-written material.
  14. They also complained about written materials which had been distributed by Danny Nalliah.
  15. The generic term " text " refers to an instance of written material.
  16. Very little written material relating to the school over the next century survives.
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