written mark in a sentence

"written mark" in Chinese  
  1. Only students in grades nine and ten get written marks for their work.
  2. The " Incident in the Philippines " written Mark Twain condemned the American massacre at Bud Dajo.
  3. The first written mark ( the name " Pousarakusa ", in modern Hungarian " P髎ar醟osa " ) was a title-deed written in 1265.
  4. The ballots commonly used in Texas are optical scan ballots, which are similar to those used in Seminole County, where the voting machines are supposed to detect written marks on ballots.
  5. Although the term " formula " may be used for written marks ( for instance, on a piece of paper or chalkboard ), it is more precisely understood as the sequence of symbols being expressed, with the marks being a token instance of formula.
  6. It's difficult to find written mark in a sentence.

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