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  1. This data eliminates the possibility of a driver cheating on the written log book.
  2. Remove-IT keeps a written log of what's happening on your system.
  3. A written log was kept of all who received the financial statement because of its sensitivity.
  4. But transcripts of written logs kept by those who monitored the videotaping were published in Pediatrics along with the researchers'findings.
  5. There were no written logs of how the first half of a tune was taken from the second take while the next half was taken from the first take, or how bars 120-145 were taken from the third take.
  6. It's difficult to find written log in a sentence.
  7. On Tuesday, the U . N . Security Council pledged its support for weapons inspectors, but did not address the issue of Butler's request for Iraqi documents on weapons programs, including personal diaries and a hand-written log cataloging suspected chemical weapons.
  8. Campbell instead suggested that O'Neill only work for Heinz after a six-month " ice period " if he met a number of conditions, including keeping a written log of all his conversations to ensure he didn't speak to any fellow Heinz employees, even socially.
  9. Jeff Stokes, an executive vice president of Duke Energy, which has its headquarters in Charlotte, N . C ., offered copies of hand-written logs from the plant and other documents to show that the workers saw only a partial picture of the operation of the plants and so were unaware that at various times the agency had deliberately set aside some of the output capacity as a reserve.

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