written lives in a sentence

  1. Written live during the ceremony . ( Riemenschneider, Austin American-Statesman)
  2. Specially written live music was integral to many of them ( Wandor 1986, p . 60 ).
  3. Being that most of material was written live, Mike Naydock played a smaller role on this album, only co-writing three songs.
  4. According to some Jewish denominations, once death has been clearly established, provided that instructions have been left in a written living will, it may be done.
  5. That is just like a phone call, only the conversation is written live on the screen _ not to be confused with e-mail, which is called up from a computer mailbox in relative leisure.
  6. It's difficult to find written lives in a sentence.
  7. ""'Written Lives " "'( Spanish : " Vidas Escritas " ) is a collection of biographical sketches of famous literary figures, written by Spanish author Javier Mar韆s and originally published in 2000.
  8. Bruce and Thomas shared the stage for the first time in 27 years, and, with The Radio Science Orchestra at London s ICA, performed a specially written live score for a film by David Hoffman, accompanied by Lydia Kavina on Theremin, with live narration from science fiction writer Ken Hollings.
  9. This George ( " Mad Max " ) Miller-produced and written live-action animal epic _ about a pig who becomes a top sheep wrangler _ was the best of the year's many cute-animal films : a technically groundbreaking Aesop's fable that was every bit as entertaining and magical as the great Disney animated features.
  10. Unlike written lives, which thrive on endless expansion and documentation, biopics must compress and shape the messy narrative of actual life into three acts and two hours, and the conventions of the genre have the effect of eroding the very individuality they mean to celebrate, constructing smooth, nearly interchangeable stories of trauma and triumph out of the knotty particulars of public life and personal history.

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