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"written document" meaning  "written document" in Chinese  
  1. Kr  ( ) was first mentioned in written documents in 1222.
  2. The constitution and the bylaws were memorized as written documents were dangerous.
  3. He demanded that Sharon anchor detailed coalition guidelines in a written document.
  4. Theophilus renounces God in a written document and joins hands with Satan.
  5. It is mentioned in written documents dating to the late 11th century.
  6. It's difficult to find written document in a sentence.
  7. This is not to say that a written document is an impossibility.
  8. Voyageurs were mostly illiterate and therefore did not leave many written documents.
  9. There are not much written documents in pure Cantonese or other dialects.
  10. The church was first mentioned in written documents dating to 1197.
  11. Written documents exist that describe the musical culture of Rus '.
  12. "There's no written document that says : Don't go out and write tickets.
  13. The first written document to mention the citadel dates to 1631.
  14. The first written document which mentions Dotzheim dates to only 1128.
  15. The first written document of Nagyk鰎q monastery derives from year 1212.
  16. But he is sincere, and this written document is important on its own.
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