wrinkled skin in a sentence

"wrinkled skin" in Chinese  
  1. It shows a grotesque old woman with wrinkled skin and withered breasts.
  2. She is described as having wrinkled skin, lifeless eyes, and white hair.
  3. Avoid turnips with wrinkled skins or those that are beginning to sprout.
  4. His body was little more than a skeleton covered with wrinkled skin.
  5. "We're able to wrinkle skin so it behaves like real tissue,"
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  7. In the'90s there are few legends and little glamour associated with wrinkled skin.
  8. No one ever died of wrinkled skin, gray hair, or menopause,
  9. But watch for soft or wrinkled skin, an indication of overripeness.
  10. Their wrinkled skin is movable and contains many nerve centers.
  11. Some parts of the impressions revealed wrinkled skin, interpreted as lacking scales or feathers.
  12. Inside the capsule, are brown, semi-circular seeds, with wrinkled skins.
  13. -- Avoid potatoes with wrinkled skin, dark areas, cut surface or a green appearance.
  14. Later the condition causes wrinkled skin, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems.
  15. When unmasked, their faces resemble a pig-nosed ogre with wrinkled skin and closed eyes.
  16. She has much gray hair, worn and wrinkled skin, and several scars on her body.
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