wrinkled pea in a sentence

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  1. He performed the cross and harvested 106 round peas and 101 wrinkled peas.
  2. The " RR " individuals have round peas and the " rr " individuals have wrinkled peas.
  3. If the universe did begin as a kind of four-dimensional wrinkled pea, American and European spacecraft planned for the first decade of the next century may find confirming evidence in the most detailed examination yet of potentially revealing temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background, the faint echo from the Big Bang.
  4. Some traits come in two varieties ( for example Mendel's round and wrinkled peas with green and yellow colors ) Do all traits for all species come in only two varieties ? Justify the answer by explaining the relationship between genes and traits .  Preceding contribs ) 17 : 35, 5 January 2009 ( UTC)
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