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  1. That's why they're called wrestlers ."
  2. The Atlanta Hawks and Braves and a stable of pro wrestlers.
  3. Perhaps the wrestlers could win Olympic medals without making the trip.
  4. Chaid said, even if many wrestlers felt uncomfortable around him.
  5. There are now 125 teams and approximately 3, 000 wrestlers.
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  7. Often, du Pont grappled with his Foxcatcher wrestlers in practice.
  8. So wrestlers instead made short trips outside of Tokyo between tournaments.
  9. Wrestlers must score at least 3 points to win a match.
  10. They wanted me to put a wrestler and a surfer together.
  11. So both sides are circling and eyeing it like sumo wrestlers.
  12. Action figures based on a real wrestler pictured on the box.
  13. Cutting weight isn't just an Olympic event for wrestlers.
  14. When another wrestler suddenly appeared outside the ropes, Ali swung.
  15. He also lets the other wrestlers know about his new status.
  16. Then there was Nathan Shafer, a former wrestler at MacArthur.
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