working ability in a sentence

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  1. For many centuries, shepherds were more interested in dogs'working abilities than their appearance.
  2. The Russian president must have a healthy heart and a high working ability.
  3. The dogs from these strains were all particularly known for their working abilities.
  4. Structure, temperament and working ability have never been debated in regards to the standard.
  5. But their working ability and psychological condition are normal.
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  7. "We have not noticed any change in Ida's working ability since she got the disease.
  8. We have no doubt about her working ability,
  9. Registry on Merit is prevalent with working ability.
  10. "Although time is short, I'm sure we can finish on time because of our high working ability,"
  11. An "'earthdog trial "'tests the working ability and instinct of the small, often short-legged terriers or Dachshunds.
  12. Due to their working ability and high productivity, Orlov trotters were again widely used to improve local horses.
  13. On this basis, the application was again declined, as compensations required minimum 25 % reduction of working ability.
  14. The institution emphasized on the development of innovative and creativity, good communication, team working abilities to among the students.
  15. The overall appearance embodies the qualities of a multi-purpose pointing dog, endurance, working ability and an easily satisfied nature.
  16. The dog's working ability is unrelated to appearance, so stockmen looking for capable working dogs disregard the dog's appearance.
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