work parties in a sentence

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  1. Parish " work parties " painted and did other finishing work.
  2. Knowlton was in command of a 200 men work party.
  3. Twice-yearly work parties remove invasive plants and add native ones.
  4. I voted for Cecilia Soto of the Work Party.
  5. Work parties and municipal services were deployed to help.
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  7. He later learnt that his father also worked in the same work party.
  8. Neighborhood work parties sprung up to clear streets of branches and unclog storm drains.
  9. Indians tended to avoid such strong points, preferring to ambush small work parties.
  10. Training activities and work parties were also conducted.
  11. He exchanged identity with a Canadian POW and joined in with a work party.
  12. And they host work parties to help community members turn their lawns into gardens.
  13. The Chaforce companies were mainly employed as work parties in support of the Gona.
  14. What she should do now : Work parties as a Scott Glenn look-alike.
  15. This is an absolute peaceful work party.
  16. Volunteers from the Mount Baker Club maintain the lookout with 2 work parties per year.
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