work participation rate in a sentence

  1. Despite the rise in caseload, Hawaii will meet the new federal work participation rates.
  2. Those who take longer to find jobs cannot be counted toward meeting the strict work participation rates.
  3. The overall work participation rate is 40.3 percent, which is much less in case of the female population.
  4. In order to meet the work participation rates in the House bill, states will have to devote more resources to their harder cases.
  5. But in a state where the number of welfare cases has declined by 45 percent, the required work participation rate is slashed by 45 percentage points.
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  7. All 36 of the states reporting data for 1997 met the work requirement, with work participation rates ranging from 13.5 percent in Louisiana to 96.7 percent in Oregon.
  8. Valerie R . Marino, acting commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Social Services, said the state, with a 58.4 percent work participation rate, had a strong economy and had helped people move from welfare to work by providing Medicaid, child care, rental assistance and transportation services.
  9. But Michael Kharfen, a spokesman for the U . S . Department of Health and Human Services, noted that only one-third of the states needed the caseload reduction credit to make the grade, and that many states have both cut their welfare rolls and achieved high work participation rates.
  10. States in this category include California, with a work participation rate of 20.6 percent, Georgia ( 20.6 percent ), Louisiana ( 13.5 percent ), Maryland ( 18.3 percent ), Mississippi ( 17.2 percent ) and Texas ( 19.4 percent ).
  11. Despite the fact that the overall work participation rate in the district ( 32.24 % ) is higher than the state average ( 23.7 % ), the rate among females in Lucknow is very low at only 5.6 % and shows a decline from the 1991 figure of 5.9 %.

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