work part - time in a sentence

"work part - time" in Chinese  
  1. He is recently retired, although he works part-time.
  2. Both work part-time while receiving a supplementary welfare check.
  3. He works part-time in an Athens video rental shop.
  4. He works part-time as television commentator and newspaper columnist.
  5. Students are required to work part-time at their universities.
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  7. He continued to work part-time as a senior judge.
  8. Wilkes works part-time at the theater as a projectionist.
  9. He currently works part-time as a Business Development Adviser.
  10. Kate works part-time as a waitress at a caf?
  11. After school he would work part-time for Federal Express.
  12. Mayor Saenz still works part-time on the family ranch.
  13. He also works part-time for a recycling program on campus.
  14. Mitchard works part-time as a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal.
  15. Donna Owens works part-time in Harvard Town Hall.
  16. Jerri, 34, works part-time at a Christian bookstore.
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