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  1. Also missing was Joost's briefcase containing his work papers.
  2. Police later released 562 detainees who had identity and work papers.
  3. W . " suffixes added to their work papers.
  4. His work papers expired, and he had to move back to Berlin.
  5. He fixes their work papers, fetches airline tickets.
  6. It's difficult to find work papers in a sentence.
  7. But thousands of those laboring in the country do not have proper work papers.
  8. Shirley Ing of Phoenix draws relentlessly, even on her husband's work papers.
  9. Some have legitimate work papers, but more, like Mercedes Fernandez, do not.
  10. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Australian Aborigines Branch A, 6.
  11. Some reports say thousands of Egyptians also have been expelled, supposedly for improper work papers.
  12. Most of the Egyptians and Sudanese are being deported for lacking proper residence or work papers.
  13. He cannot get official registration at a residence, which means he cannot get work papers.
  14. His work papers are included in the Manuscript Collections in the Thomas Tredway Library at Augustana College.
  15. Immigration officials stopped automatically handing out work papers, instead requiring applicants to wait six months for them.
  16. Most employers require their workers to have proper work papers, so taxes are taken out of paychecks.
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