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  1. The two men patented the new style of work pants in 1873.
  2. We identified him by a pocket watch and fob on his work pants.
  3. French for the port city of Genoa, Italy, where sailors wore sturdy work pants.
  4. He had on a sweaty T-shirt, work pants and dirty tennis shoes with no socks.
  5. For a long time I had an acute delineation between work pants and play pants.
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  7. So wear sturdy work boots with steel-reinforced toes, durable long-legged work pants and heavy work gloves.
  8. Slight of build, he wears blue work pants, a black T-shirt, a denim jacket and black sneakers.
  9. The OD green military duty pants have also been replaced by dark green Dickies brand work pants.
  10. If not, I can attest that Carhartt work pants are " very " tough and well made.
  11. This is also due to the lack of manufacturers who produce the 1960s era OD green work pants.
  12. Dickies Canada produces clothing for the work wear industry with traditional matched sets of work shirts and work pants.
  13. Jacoby's friend John uses duct tape to reinforce his work pants knees from the inside when they ripped two years ago.
  14. "I feel sick, " he said, tugging on his work pants before pouring his second cup and lighting his third cigarette.
  15. He was shambling up Central Avenue, a human shipwreck in filthy work pants and a threadbare denim coat, mumbling to himself.
  16. The man wore green work pants and a short-sleeve shirt and was standing next to his delivery of Poland Spring water.
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