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  1. She led a work package on ocean optics, phytoplankon, production & metabolism.
  2. Work packages with many dependencies are called spiders and indicate a risk.
  3. This work package was undertaken in partnership with Sellafield Ltd.
  4. They do this by analyzing conditions in ten river basins under six work packages.
  5. The resources to ensure a sustainable Grid infrastructure are provided by four work packages:
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  7. Different work packages can be let using different contracts during the life of the framework.
  8. This is specifically referred to in Work Package 7.
  9. Meanwhile, VINCI subsidiary ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires led the consortium responsible for the track works package.
  10. The developer injects " work packages " into the pool oblivious of the pool's architecture.
  11. The project consists of eleven focused work packages, with a total budget of 2 Million Euro.
  12. A few antirecession public works packages, were introduced.
  13. Along with Beck, sociologists David Tyfield and Anders Blok lead work packages within the overall project.
  14. Texas writers Jerry Flemmons and Jon McConal have their works packaged neatly in one convenient place.
  15. Other new recordings include a studio set by LeAnn Rimes and an early works package from Hanson.
  16. The Work Package 5000 deals with the socio-economic impact of water and resource management in the region.
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