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  1. He was work package leader in the Connective Tissue Cancers Network ( CONTICANET ), a Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission s Sixth Framework Programme.
  2. He was a Work Package Leader of the'Global Reordering : Evolution though European Networks'( GR : EEN ) large-scale integrating project ( 2011-2015 ), funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme ( FP7 ) for research.
  3. He was the Coordinator of the FP7-research project SURVEILLE ( Surveillance : Ethical Issues, Legal Limitations, and Efficiency ), and earlier the Work Package leader in the research project DETECTER ( Detection Technologies, Terrorism, Ethics, and Human Rights ) under the European Union Framework 7 Security Programme.
  4. Currently, Samdal is work package leader in two EU ( FP7 ) funded projects; PAPA ( Promoting Adolescent health through an intervention aimed at improving the quality of their participation in Physical Activity ) and SPOTLIGHT ( Sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies ), that aims to increase and combine knowledge on the wide range of determinants of obesity in a systematic way, and to identify multi-level intervention approaches that are strong in terms of Reach, Efficacy, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance.
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