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  1. At the time, doctors advised him to slow his work pace.
  2. At Taft, the work pace was feverish.
  3. When the buses arrived Thursday morning, the work pace accelerated from frantic to frenzied.
  4. But McNair said the work pace is actually tougher at USC than with the Browns.
  5. During the first 14 camp practices, the Mavericks settled into a relaxed, comfortable work pace.
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  7. The work pace should be increased, so that we are ready by the end of June,
  8. Her scientific background complements his background in the social sciences professionally, as does her productive work pace.
  9. And in the air-conditioned front offices, Jadlow doesn't see any change in work pace or emotions.
  10. Atlantis Commander Steven Lindsey said the fast work pace and the unexpected troubleshooting hasn't worn down the two crews.
  11. But now the work pace and shortage of workers has collided with the best car sales that Detroit has seen in years.
  12. Control over workers'tools is transferred to the machine, which prevents them from setting their own work pace and rhythm.
  13. After four years of a manic work pace, much of the valley has decided it's time to get a life.
  14. Employers accused members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union of disrupting operations amid contentious contract talks by deliberately slowing their work pace.
  15. Other times he hints at impatience with what looks like his co-workers'leisurely work pace compared to where he once worked.
  16. It sounds basic, but studies repeatedly show that with reduced staffing and a faster work pace, nurses and doctors neglect that task.
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