work overtime in a sentence

"work overtime" in Chinese  
  1. That leaves management at the mercy of the pilots'willingness to work overtime.
  2. Can a salaried employee lose her job for refusing to work overtime?
  3. All I do is work overtime to try and pay it off.
  4. So what does it do when an employee works overtime without authorization?
  5. McLaren had its factory work overtime to build Mansell a new car.
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  7. As a result, the city must depend on having employees work overtime.
  8. If many work overtime, there likely is a problem with the assignments.
  9. But they may need to work overtime to offset weaknesses on defense.
  10. Pilots are refusing to work overtime because of a stalemate in contract talks.
  11. Clement said Thursday night the union has agreed to work overtime.
  12. Some members of the pilots union have refused to work overtime, disrupting schedules.
  13. At one area company, the pressure for exempts to work overtime was blatant.
  14. Female officers who are pregnant or have babies at home cannot work overtime.
  15. One side of his heart continued to thicken and work overtime.
  16. Even though most burglaries occur during daylight, thieves often work overtime.
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