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"work over" meaning  "work over" in Chinese  
  1. Marsalis has produced an extraordinary body of work over a short time.
  2. Harrison subsequently slowed down his film work over the next few years.
  3. A selection of his work over 25 years was shown in 2008.
  4. Distance learning allows applicants to complete didactic course work over the internet.
  5. Many fiddlers and Acadian musicians have highlighted his work over the years.
  6. It's difficult to find work over in a sentence.
  7. This was the only public passenger train to work over the branch.
  8. The advantage of SMF is that it can work over longer distances.
  9. Employees are spread over four states, and send work over the Internet.
  10. He continued this work over the next 50 years with various tribes.
  11. So what you have to do is work over the long run.
  12. This last work is a massive work over 800 pages in length.
  13. Cound i published important academic works over the course of his career.
  14. It features a large repertoire of the bands work over the years.
  15. Cells with many mitochondria can produce more work over a longer time.
  16. The GOP plan would require 600 days of work over four years.
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