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  1. But she was certain that she would work outside the home.
  2. Women are forbidden to work outside their homes in most cases.
  3. She is a mother who does not work outside the home.
  4. Guard against charring the wood, and do the work outside.
  5. Women do not work outside the home, or for money.
  6. It's difficult to find work outside in a sentence.
  7. He works outside the home, she probably does, too.
  8. The Soviet system virtually forced women to work outside the home.
  9. They probably are residents of Jakarta but work outside the city.
  10. The MoMA commission was Taniguchi's first work outside Japan.
  11. Sasha felt he could and needed to work outside the quartet.
  12. I thought redirects do not work outside of the Wikimedia namespace.
  13. Most residents work outside the community, some commuting to London.
  14. With only the odd exception, everybody works outside the village.
  15. Five percent of North Shoal Creek residents work outside Travis County.
  16. This creates issues for women who work outside of their homes.
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