work outfit in a sentence

  1. Quartaro also recommends adding a fringed belt to update the work outfit.
  2. The work outfit also brought a car for Moss and paired him with Ivor Bueb.
  3. Most individuals would have only two sets of clothing : a work outfit and a Sunday outfit.
  4. A sleeveless, knee-length dress also can be a good work outfit with flat sandals or mules.
  5. In 1932 he founded Anttilan Pukimo OY ( later Kalle Anttila OY ), a company producing work outfits.
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  7. Despite being the works outfit, Ford was not investing in the team or the car's development costs.
  8. A typical work outfit for her is a faux leopard-print furry short skirt, black sweater and black boots.
  9. The work outfit practice came into effect on October 5, 2015, and applied to employees at locations in Ontario and Quebec.
  10. Alfa Romeo was the other manufacturer to join; Italian works outfit Alfa Corse would run two cars for Gabriele Tarquini and Giampiero Simoni.
  11. The agency fits them with an appropriate ensemble, whether it is a suit from Brooks Brothers ( a big benefactor ) or a more casual work outfit.
  12. While in their bikini or other work outfit this rule is not in effect, but is indicative of the level of scrutiny prevailing in some regions on dancer-customer interaction.
  13. In response, Austin Rover withdrew from the BSCC immediately as a works outfit to concentrate on competing in Europe, and would not return until 2001 under the guise of MG Rover.
  14. Her few work outfits, hung from a rod, take up precious space in the van, but she notes you don't dress out of a box when you work in an office.
  15. As the story begins, working girl Fran Walker enters her tiny Las Vegas apartment in the company of Joe Grady, still wearing his work outfit _ a tuxedo _ after an evening of playing piano and singing.
  16. There are fewer suits in this round of Sander fashion, but plenty of short and long jackets that paired with low-waisted skirts or wide trousers could almost pass for a wear-to-work outfit.
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