work out at in a sentence

"work out at" in Chinese  
  1. This works out at about A $ 83, 000 per square meter.
  2. Koor third-quarter earnings per share works out at 8 . 85 shekels.
  3. Their children play together and the adults work out at the gym.
  4. This strategy did not work out at all as Cain had planned.
  5. "But it just wasn't going to work out at the last minute.
  6. It's difficult to find work out at in a sentence.
  7. Men like Kingsbury work out at the Galveston Health & Racquet Club.
  8. For now, Bagwell works out at Minute Maid Park five times a week.
  9. Men like Kingsbury work out at the Galveston Health & AMP; Racquet Club.
  10. The three usually met to work out at Lassiter High School.
  11. Back at the hotel, we decided to work out at the Sports Palace.
  12. The Braves will work out at 2 p . m . . ..
  13. Windham said while watching the Sparks work out at the Forum.
  14. Manzanillo moved to Arizona in 2006 to work out at the Brewers'training facility.
  15. Delanoe works out at home and likes soccer, especially local team Paris Saint-Germain.
  16. "You work out at home, and you can't wait for camp.
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