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  1. Yassine heads the Justice and Good Works organization, banned by Moroccan authorities.
  2. The area was constructed under Bangladesh Army and'Special Works Organization'( SWO ).
  3. "We're not a social work organization whose mandate is to save souls.
  4. Full Circle Drumming provides drumming workshops for social work organizations and corporations.
  5. The work organization in QRM cells is based on team ownership.
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  7. They were slowly copied by psychoanalytic, psychiatric, psychological and social work organizations internationally.
  8. The Phantom Works organization is a critical element of that strategy.
  9. New equipment, semi-automated lines, and freezers were being built; work organization was being revamped.
  10. Zest is also linked to psychological well-being which is crucial in a work organization.
  11. The company was established as a work organization in 1952.
  12. The contract has been awarded to Frontier Works Organization, who has also started the project.
  13. Right-to-work organizations say unions could solve their problems by not forcing employees to accept exclusive representation.
  14. Delahanty was involved with several social work organizations fighting for the welfare of women and children.
  15. At the women's center, run by a social-work organization called Sistering, a half-dozen women responded to Harris'remarks.
  16. Habrat renegotiated the debts, cut down costs, improved work organization and introduced stricter work and financial discipline.
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