women in a sentence

"women" meaning  "women" in Chinese  
  1. Women touch each other in " Go Fish ."
  2. The women all said that he reminded them of their boys.
  3. But what about women attired in Day-Glo prison jumpsuits?
  4. A woman learns about life and the ways of men in Atlanta
  5. The woman ( in the affair ) had tremendous psychological problems,
  6. It's difficult to find women in a sentence.
  7. The woman had undergone hip reconstruction surgery shortly before the incident,
  8. That's two too many women for Oldman to handle.
  9. Do I look like a scorned woman to you, Jack?
  10. Two women and a young girl emerged, all smartly dressed.
  11. "They're usually hard-working career women.
  12. In the past, African American women have always stuck together.
  13. But other changes are putting women in the pipeline to power.
  14. Everything's supposed to be OK ( for women ).
  15. Major changes, largely designed by women, are under way:
  16. There is a very small list of older women movie stars,
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