with the beatles in a sentence

  1. Being on the road with the Beatles was an incredible experience.
  2. With the Beatles, it always comes back to the music.
  3. We toured with the Beatles for three weeks and 14 cities.
  4. "She's fascinated with The Beatles,"
  5. The Rutles had connections with the Beatles aside from the parody.
  6. It's difficult to find with the beatles in a sentence.
  7. He also performed on James Bond soundtracks and with The Beatles.
  8. The station notably carried the first broadcast interview with the Beatles.
  9. "It's like traveling with the Beatles,"
  10. His relationship with the Beatles lasted long after their breakup in 1970.
  11. Seven of Lennon's awards were with the Beatles.
  12. The Ronettes were the only girl group to tour with the Beatles.
  13. Later shows were taped in Britain with The Beatles as the guests.
  14. These were produced in collaboration with The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool.
  15. Harter is involved with The Beatles Complete On Ukulele project.
  16. George Harrison used a 12-string 360 extensively with The Beatles.
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