with the advent of in a sentence

"with the advent of" in Chinese  
  1. These airchecks became more common with the advent of commercial cassette recorders.
  2. The threats are becoming more serious with the advent of wireless equipment,
  3. Populations increased and settlements became more permanent with the advent of agriculture.
  4. With the advent of satellite technology, such forecasting lores are gradually fading.
  5. Our competitors say, with the advent of the Internet, Windows is obsolete.
  6. It's difficult to find with the advent of in a sentence.
  7. With the advent of the hydrogen bomb, yields would leap a thousandfold.
  8. The municipality fell into decline after 1872 with the advent of railways.
  9. She sees increased interest with the advent of pro leagues for women.
  10. With the advent of fertility treatments, multiple births are on the rise.
  11. Another change, Leib said, has come with the advent of comedy videos.
  12. But with the advent of agriculture 10, 000 years ago, populations exploded.
  13. With the advent of reusable shuttles, a myth of ordinariness took hold.
  14. So many freelance calligraphers lost commissions with the advent of desktop publishing.
  15. With the advent of photography, looks could not be altered so easily.
  16. With the advent of television, production on the lot changed dramatically.
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