with the advance of in a sentence

"with the advance of" in Chinese  
  1. Those notions were flushed with the advance of knowledge and technology.
  2. With the advance of Internet technology, everyone can access the internet.
  3. The battle commenced with the advance of both wings of the Jin army.
  4. With the advance of technology, it has evolved to assess records from flights.
  5. That same year, they were forced to leave with the advance of Israeli forces.
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  7. With the advance of the rebels, the state governor, Vicente Machado, fled from Curitiba.
  8. With the advance of the soldiers the Indians slowly withdrew and departed the battlefield.
  9. With the advance of Axis forces into the Soviet Union, the Defence of Sevastopol.
  10. With the advance of Arab nationalism, especially during the 1950s, these efforts were increasingly complicated.
  11. With the advances of photography, however, commissions fell off; Kriehuber's last years were overshadowed by poverty.
  12. With the advance of the English language, theatre in English developed quickly between 1875 and 1925.
  13. Operation Leap 2 began on 4 June with the advance of the HV 4th Guards Brigade.
  14. They ceased to keep up with the advances of European military science, and consequently suffered territorial losses.
  15. With the advance of certain building methods and materials, designs specific to these trades have been developed.
  16. With the advance of the Red Army in the spring of 1945, Sachsenhausen was prepared for evacuation.
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