with the addition of in a sentence

"with the addition of" in Chinese  
  1. Philadelphia tweaks a little with the addition of center Joel Otto.
  2. And with the addition of me, I bring a lot.
  3. With the addition of Campbell, the group now has three.
  4. Oatmeal stout takes a sweet turn with the addition of oatmeal.
  5. Even with the addition of Thorp, the Jets need bodies.
  6. It's difficult to find with the addition of in a sentence.
  7. With the addition of " Saving Private Ryan,"
  8. With the addition of " The West Wing,"
  9. With the addition of this paper, the package is satisfactory.
  10. It has been restored recently with the addition of new entrance.
  11. Dickey saw his playing time decrease with the addition of Hemsley.
  12. Building innovation continues with the addition of " green " buildings.
  13. Harrison box set, with the addition of three bonus tracks.
  14. With the addition of manganese it forms a series with benavidesite.
  15. The Middle School was established with the addition of grade 6.
  16. In 1997 another expansion was made, with the addition of.
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