with terror in a sentence

"with terror" in Chinese  
  1. And that is saying that one should not compromise with terror.
  2. I was frozen in place with terror when it came down,
  3. Those who have no conection with terror will be released immediately.
  4. Those who have no connection with terror will be released immediately.
  5. In our minds, they come together with terror attacks.
  6. It's difficult to find with terror in a sentence.
  7. He met uprooted people, their faces etched with terror.
  8. Western Europe is more familiar with terror than is the United States.
  9. Yet Israel's own struggle for independence was laden with terror.
  10. "We can't fight terror with terror ."
  11. Editors, these stories will be packaged with terror coverage:
  12. But Kerry pointedly avoided saying Bush might be playing politics with terror.
  13. Israel's long coexistence with terror is limited inspiration, too.
  14. Hallways became jammed with terror-stricken passengers clawing to get past.
  15. They chose to side with terror, " he said
  16. "One cannot fight terror with terror or terrorism with terrorism.
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