with tears in a sentence

"with tears" in Chinese  
  1. Mrs . Lafountain was there Saturday with tears in her eyes.
  2. I would stand back there with tears streaming down my face.
  3. Police responded with tear gas and by beating demonstrators with nightsticks.
  4. I had boys in my class with tears in their eyes.
  5. Our eyes are filled with tears when we see our fields.
  6. It's difficult to find with tears in a sentence.
  7. Police then met a peaceful protest with tear gas and beatings.
  8. Officers broke up the rally with tear gas and water canons.
  9. Police tried to disperse crowds with tear gas and warning shots.
  10. The few thank you notes he gets are stained with tears.
  11. The soldiers responded with tear gas that briefly dispersed the boys.
  12. It makes me very afraid and my eyes filled with tears.
  13. Riot police returned fire and showered the crowd with tear gas.
  14. We have been for three weeks with tears in our eyes,
  15. People should come out of Monticello with tears in their eyes.
  16. The village was filled with tears and cries for the dead.
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