with sympathy in a sentence

"with sympathy" in Chinese  
  1. They wrote letters of strong protest to FitzRoy, who responded with sympathy.
  2. People followed her journeys with sympathy and were pleased with her success.
  3. Even worse, there is no team to shower with sympathy and compassion.
  4. The Red Cross has also tried to balance serious doubts with sympathy.
  5. Some people will look upon her with sympathy, others with suspicion.
  6. It's difficult to find with sympathy in a sentence.
  7. Mahmud's successor Ashraf at first treated the deposed shah with sympathy.
  8. In her later years, Hendrix spoke of Murphy's condition with sympathy.
  9. Sadness that future victims might be silenced mingled with sympathy for the DA.
  10. He spoke with sympathy for Simpson, but without his trademark power.
  11. She treated people in a friendly way, with sympathy and interest,
  12. These parties must be treated with sympathy and renderedassistance where possible.
  13. Jack looks at John and yells with sympathy that he is his son.
  14. Investigators suspect he was lodged by other people with sympathies to radical Islam.
  15. Maybe that's why the military is embracing our proposals with sympathy,"
  16. Abroad, they watched with sympathy as a wave of popular uprisings swept across Europe.
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