with suspicion in a sentence

"with suspicion" in Chinese  
  1. She began to look at her co-workers with suspicion.
  2. He is a strong, compact man, teeming with suspicions.
  3. Today, many people of Hispanic origin are regarded with suspicion.
  4. Today citizens in all three countries view the treaty with suspicion.
  5. So it is understandable that cremation is still met with suspicion.
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  7. "You do ? " she asked with suspicion.
  8. That possibility worries Pakistan, which views the alliance with suspicion.
  9. Not long ago Australia and China regarded each other with suspicion.
  10. These unorthodox religions are viewed with suspicion by some in Russia.
  11. Ordinary Egyptians and Israelis continue to view each other with suspicion.
  12. Many ethnic Albanians, however, view such meetings with suspicion.
  13. Despite that assurance, he is viewed with suspicion by Democrats.
  14. Her southern customs and entourage were regarded with suspicion at court.
  15. The bull gave Elizabeth more reason to view Catholics with suspicion.
  16. He mentions Tajmar; this work is also regarded with suspicion.
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