with surprise in a sentence

"with surprise" in Chinese  
  1. Patients doubled over with mysterious pain or were racked with surprising seizures.
  2. Conlon plods along and bangs away in the trenches with surprising success.
  3. We have seen with surprise and great interest what has been published,
  4. Stewart began to climb up the MGM star roster with surprising agility.
  5. Even before the troops arrived in Pristina, Western leaders reacted with surprise.
  6. It's difficult to find with surprise in a sentence.
  7. Under the circumstances, the actors emerge with surprising degrees of winning keenness.
  8. There are also nine cities and their airports, rendered with surprising detail.
  9. Frank writes with surprising tenderness of his horrifying and sometimes humorous upbringing.
  10. European travelers from the 16th century onwards mentioned sailing carriages with surprise.
  11. Forgiveness giggles with surprise as she sniffs a perfume ad in Vogue.
  12. Why is anyone blown away with surprise by what Rupert Murdoch does?
  13. But he bounced back with surprise wins in Delaware and Arizona.
  14. This has met with surprising success in debriefings throughout the world.
  15. They operated with surprising arrogance, said U . S . officials.
  16. Jones charms the audience as ZigZag faces an adult world with surprising panache.
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