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  1. The neighborhood began its urban development with subdivisions being sold in 1907.
  2. As the population grew the area became crowded with subdivisions.
  3. The Wexford area is a growing community with subdivisions and neighborhoods constantly increasing.
  4. These neighborhoods were first settled in 1905, with subdivisions continuing until 1921.
  5. Such distortion may be reduced with subdivision.
  6. It's difficult to find with subdivision in a sentence.
  7. The nearby hills are covered with subdivisions of ranch homes, tri-levels and displaced Cape Cods.
  8. It has grown on the westside, with subdivisions, a mall, fancy apartments and upscale stores.
  9. Right, I have put a merge tag on Home nations to be merged with Subdivisions of the United Kingdom.
  10. I'm drafting a new page, and have just added a settlement map with subdivisions for the community.
  11. There is a separate Zilla Parishad Works Division at Buldhana with subdivisions at Buldhana, Kahmgaon, Mehkar, and Malkapur.
  12. Original allotments of ten acres were located on the crest and eastern slopes of the Range with subdivision commencing in 1882.
  13. "BCN Week " typically contains 24 pages with subdivisions of reviews, columns, and listings about current events occurring in Barcelona.
  14. But that is no reason, historians and history buffs here agree, that the fields and trees should be paved over with subdivisions and forgotten.
  15. In 1894 a uniform two-tier system was established outside the county boroughs and London, with subdivisions of the administrative counties called metropolitan boroughs in 1900.
  16. Now, with subdivisions and strip malls covering most of the fertile land and SUVs far outnumbering tractors, the few farmers left here lead an increasingly lonely existence.
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